1. What is basic live streaming?

A. To listen to the heart and lungs sounds through the AyuShare app within the Bluetooth range.

2. What is the warranty period for AyuSynk?

A. The warranty period for the device is 1 year.

3. What are the accessories given with AyuSynk?

A. Stethoscope, wired earphones, OTG C type, and B type, Charger, user manual.

4. What is heart and lung mode?

A. You can auscultate and record heart sounds from heart mode and breath sounds from lung mode.

5. What is denoise?

A. Denoise feature is used to remove all the external noise from the heart and lung sounds.

6. What is the Guest mode used for?

A. Guest mode is used for live streaming of heart and lung sounds for testing purposes or in case of an emergency

7. Is it necessary to connect earphones?

A. Yes, is it necessary to connect earphones for better quality.

8. What are LED indications?

A. Ready to pair- Green and blue as an alternative.
Connected - Blinking bluish-green light.
Battery low - Red light
Charging - Blue light

9. Can we connect our own stethoscope?

A. Yes, you can connect any stethoscope with our device.

10. Where are the recorded heart and lung sounds stored?

A. The recorded sounds are stored in the internal memory of your phone, you can access them through our app.